Sunday 10 July 2022

Sunday 10th July

The monthly WEBS count saw 228 Curlew, 224 Oystercatcher, 74 Sandwich Tern, 60 Redshank, at least 33 Mediterranean Gull, five Greenshank, three Dunlin and single Bar-tailed Godwit, Whimbrel and Shelduck. Elsewhere a family of Reed Warbler were in the Buffer Zone.

Wildlife News: Another sunny day saw good numbers of solitary bees including Shiny-vented Sharp-tail along with its host Patchwork Leafcutter towards Langstone Rock. Also on the wing White-zoned and Green Furrow Bee, Hairy Yellow-faced Bee, Large Shaggy Bee, Green-eyed Flower Bee, Hairy-saddled Colletes, Yellow-legged and Sandpit Mining Bee, plus a mass of Silvery Leafcutter with some Coastal Leafcutter.

Six-spot Burnet - Alan Keatley

Also recorded today Four-banded Beegrabber Conops quadrifasciatus, Silver Spiny Digger Wasp Oxybelus argentatus and more Beewolf, this time at Langstone Rock and on Warren Point.

Beewolf - Alan Keatley

At least 14 species of butterfly were seen with the first second brood Brown Argus on Warren Point as well as single Painted Lady and Marbled White. Dragonflies included Common Darter and a Golden-ringed Dragonfly.

Brown Argus - Alan Keatley

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