Wednesday 21 July 2021

Wednesday 21st July

A morning visit saw a flock of eleven Sand Martin fly through quickly, but a group of  35 Sanderling feeding on the beach were not in such a hurry. The tide was out, but in the estuary there was a gathering of at least nine Mediterranean Gull of various ages and up to 35 Sandwich Tern coming and going.

Wildlife News: The first Sycamore Piercer Pammene aurita for the Recording Area was found near the railway, moth 684 for the Warren. 

Sycamore Piercer - Alan Keatley

Other insects active in the high temperatures included the first Willow Mason-wasp Symmorphus bifasciatus of the year, a Wool Carder Bee continuing to guard the Lamb's-ear and evidence of migration with a steady steam of Small White and a few Red Admiral.

Willow Mason-wasp - Alan Keatley

Small White - Alan Keatley

Following last winter's erosion of much of the Desert and part of Warren Point it was good to see a display of Sea Holly recovering on the remaining beach.

Sea Holly - Alan Keatley

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