Tuesday 25 April 2023

Tuesday 25th April

Migrants included a Yellow Wagtail north and two Wheatear, one Greenland, with four Whitethroat starting to establish territories, a Reed Warbler singing at the Main Pond, two  Willow Warbler still holding territory and the usual Chiffchaff and Blackcap in the wooded areas.

Stonechat - Dean Hall

Elsewhere 32 Sandwich and 10 Common Tern were offshore with counts from the estuary including 35 Bar-tailed Godwit, 31 Whimbrel, 18 Grey Plover, 14 Dunlin, 11 Sanderling, three Knot and a Dark-bellied Brent Goose.

Whimbrel - Dean Hall

Wildlife News: Although it was not particularly warm in the easterly wind, mining bees were going about their business with a few Orange-tailed Andrena haemorrhoa and a Short-fringed A. dorsata on willows, with Common Mini-miner A. minutula and a few Yellow-legged A. flavipes preferring the dandelions.

There were fewer hoverflies on the wing, although Stripe-faced Dronefly Eristalis nemorum made its first appearance of the year. The insect highlights, however were an early Wall Brown butterfly, after just a single record last year, and a migrant Hummingbird Hawk-moth, presumably fresh in, resting on the Dune Ridge.

Hummingbird Hawk-moth - Alan Keatley

Wall Brown - Alan Keatley

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