Friday 8 September 2023

Friday 8th September

A post tide late afternoon visit saw 41 Mute Swan and a Mediterranean Gull in the estuary with three Sandwich Tern offshore. On site 70 House Sparrow and 25 Starling were in the Buffer Zone, 45 Goldfinch were in Greenland Lake and 11 Chiffchaff and three Blackcap were on site.

Other Wildlife: A Hummingbird Hawkmoth caterpillar discovered feeding on Cleavers was the first evidence of breeding for the Warren. 

Hummingbird Hawkmoth - Kevin Rylands

Other moths recorded included Elbow Grass-veneer Agriphila geniculea, Mullein Wave and Small Blood-vein with leafmines of several species including Birch Brown Slender Parornix betulae, Common Birch Pigmy Stigmella betulicola and, new for the Recoring Area, White-bodied Midget Phyllonorycter joannisi.

Elbow Grass-veneer - Kevin Rylands

White-bodied Midget - vacated leafmine on Sycamore - Kevin Rylands

Other records included the first Ivy Waspgrabber Leopoldius signatus of the year, half a dozen Beewolf on Creeping Thistle in the Buffer Zone, six Migrant Hawker around the Main Pond, seven Red Admiral and the migrant Large Tiger Hoverfly Helophilus trivattus.

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