Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday 13th April

A much quieter day today with the bird interest entirely offshore with the Surf Scoter, two Velvet Scoter, two Eider and single Long-tailed Duck all still present.

Wildlife News: The first Small Copper of the year was on the wing. Various sightings from yesterday include Shelled Slug Testacella scutulum and Weedy Frillwort Fossombronia incurva along with more familiar species such as Gorse Shieldbug, Dock Bug and Common Seal.  Also the nationally scarce weevil Platyrhinus resinosus was found around Sycamore on Warren Point, only the third Devon record.

Platyrhinus resinosus © Guy Freeman

Gorse Shieldbug © Andrew Cunningham

Dock Bug © Andrew Cunningham

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