Saturday 23 April 2016

Saturday 23rd April

An unexpected highlight was the Recording Area's 3rd Willow Tit, coming exactly nine years to the day since the last record. It was first seen in Tamarisks at John's Watch before heading to Warren Point and was relocated late afternoon around Dead Dolphin Wood/Main Pond and was still present at dusk but remained mobile.

Willow Tit - Luke Harman
Other migrants included the year's first Grasshopper Warbler in Soft Sand Bay, six Wheatear, three Willow Warbler and overhead two Yellow Wagtail, 65 House Martin, 41 Swallow, 24 Goldfinch, two Sand Martin and two Siskin. Elsewhere counts from the estuary included 76 Whimbrel, 39 Dunlin, seven Redshank, three Sanderling, two Knot and two Grey Plover. Offshore 40+ Manx Shearwater flew south early evening and a Little Tern was present early morning with 45 Sandwich and eight Common Tern.

Wildlife News: The first Green-veined White of the year was on the wing and a migrant Rush Veneer was in Greenland Lake.

 Green-veined White - Alan Keatley

Rush Veneer - Alan Keatley

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