Sunday 21 August 2016

Canadian Ringed Plover

Ringing News: A Ringed Plover present in the Bight on 19-20th August was ringed as an adult near Dufour Point, Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada on 8th July 2016. This is only the 3rd UK recovery of a Canadian Ringed Plover, the others were from Ferrybridge, Dorset and St Kilda.

Ringed Plover - Lee Collins

The bird was also fitted with a datalogger to study the transatlantic migration of Ringed Plovers between the Canadian Arctic and Africa. The first results from other dataloggers indicates that on their way south the plovers make a stop in southwestern Greenland. Then, they cross the Atlantic Ocean in about 2-3 days before reaching Western Europe (usually Western UK/Ireland or France). The wintering grounds are in Western Africa (Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, etc.). The way back to the breeding ground is similar, usually with a prolonged stay in UK/Ireland. Thanks to Don-Jean LĂ©andri-Breton for this information.

 Dufour River, Bylot Island

 Base camp, Dufour River, Bylot Island
Canadian Ringed Plover, its actual nest

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  1. Another colour-ringed Bylot Island Ringed Plover was photographed at Ferrybridge on 22nd August 2014