Friday 9 February 2018

Friday 9th February

Since last weekend's ringing the Recording Group have only been able to make two visits to the Warren but at least 66 of the c150 colour-ringed Oystercatcher have been resighted.

The Warren Oystercatchers were all ringed with a blue ring with an alpha numeric code, eg A1, A2 on the right tarsus. Above this is a plain yellow ring with the metal ring on left tarsus. Please read the ring from the bottom (foot) up. This is important as there are also codes 1A, 2A etc.

Please use this email to report any ringed birds providing the following information: date, time, location (precise as possible, i.e. not Exe estuary), Grid reference, any behaviour (ie feeding, roosting) and of course the code on the ring.

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