Monday 6 January 2020

2019 Wildlife Review: Flies


Hook-banded Wasp Hoverfly - Alan Keatley

A total of 54 species of hoverfly were recorded this year, easily higher than any total recorded in any previous year. Hoverfly numbers in several tribes were boosted. There were four species of Volucella, five species of Platycheirus, six species of Eristalis (drone flies) and six Cheilosia species for instance. Of those recorded this year, ten were new for site, the most noteworthy of these being Tooth-thighed Hoverfly Tropidia scita, Hook-banded Wasp Hoverfly Chrysotoxum festivum, Lesser Hornet Hoverfly Volucella inanis and Yellow-barred Peat Hoverfly Sericomyia silentis.

Yellow-barred Peat Hoverfly - Alan Keatley


It was also a good year for cranefly recording with four new species added to the list - Spotted Cranefly Nephrotoma appendiculata, Tiger Cranefly Nephrotoma flavescens, Nephrotoma guestifalica and Nephrotoma quadrifaria. After a worrying no show last year, the continued presence of the nationally rare Geranomyia bezzii around the Bight was welcome with several found in August.

Geranomyia bezzii - Rob Walton

Other Diptera

Although there are always some fly species present on site the year really starts with the emergence of Dark-edged Bee-fly Bombylius major, with several vying with each other in the Spring sunshine. 

Dark-edged Bee-fly - Lee Collins

A build up of other species included the picture-winged Celery Fly Euleia heraclei and several Empid and Bibio species. Soldierflies emerged with the Broad Centurion Chloromyia formosa and the impressive looking and nationally scarce Ornate Brigadier Odontomyia ornata. Several species of robberflies could be found seeking prey on the sand dunes and in the undergrowth, with beegrabbers searching for hosts in the meadows. 

Waisted Beegrabber Physocephala rufipes - Alan Keatley

Other new species included the muscidae flies; Phaonia pallida and Phaonia tuguriorum, plus Orange-beard Bluebottle Calliphora vomitoria, Dark-winged Fleshfly Nyctia halterata and the tachinid fly Gymnocheta viridis.

Dark-winged Fleshfly - Alan Keatley

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