Tuesday 7 January 2020

2019 Wildlife Review: Other Species

This is a round up of other taxonomic orders not covered in the rest of the Review. With at least 4125 species recorded at Dawlish Warren there is always plenty to discover, with over 150 new species found in 2019.


Unfortunately the failed sea defence works have meant large quantities of sand are circulating offshore. This means sediment clouds the rockpools at Langstone Rock during low tide. Combined with an increase in the invasive Wireweed Sargassum multicum this has reduced the range of species present.

Ephemeroptera: Mayflies
Pond Olive Cloeon dipterum, a widespread species, is one of just two Mayfly species recorded on the Warren. One was seen in June.

Pond Olive - Alan Keatley

Trichoptera: Caddisflies 
The caddisfly Limnephilus affinis was rediscovered this year having gone unnoticed or unrecorded on site since 1862!

Psocoptera: Barkflies 
The first record of the barkfly Valenzuela burmeisteri, common in Britain, was seen in March.

Five new species were found this year. A pair of Leopard Slug Limax maximus in Dead Dolphin Wood, Tramp Slug Deroceras invadens, Three-banded Garden Slug Ambigolimax valentianusGarlic Snail Oxychilus alliaris and the marine mollusc Blue-rayed Limpet Tectura virginea.

Leopard Slug - Alan Keatley

Three new species recorded, all woodlice; Southern Pill Woodlouse Armadillidium depressum, a striped woodlouse Porcellio spinicornis and Common Pygmy Woodlouse Trichoniscus pusillus.

Collembola: Springtails
Eight new springtails were found bringing the site total up to twelve. All were widespread species including Dicyrtomina saundersiOrchesella villosa and Entomobrya albocincta.

Myriapods: Milipedes and Centipedes 
With only six species recorded on the Warren, this is another very under-represented group. Three new species were found this year; Blunt-tailed Snake Millipede Cylindroiulus punctatus, Bristly Millipede Polyxenus lagurus and Common Flat-backed Millipede Polydesmus angustus.

Cnidrians: Jellyfish 

Amongst the many washed up Barrel Jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo mid summer a few Blue Jellyfish Cyanea lamarckii were found. New for site.

Myxomycota: Slime moulds

Two new species were recorded on site, doubling the total; False Puffball Reticularia lycoperdon and Raspberry Slime Mould Tubifera ferruginosa

False Puffball

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