Sunday 31 May 2020

Saturday 30th May

A Hobby flew in off the sea over the seawall and inland at c.08:20, but only six Swallow and a single Swift where seen thereafter overhead in a cloudless and uneventful sky.  No visible migrants were in the bushes, woods or dunes today; just present were familiar individuals, such as two (have been up to four) Raven on Warren Point and at least five Jackdaw that continued to commute with food, presumably to nest sites somewhere in the village.  One of the two pairs of Little Grebe on the Main Pond had three (not two) chicks.

The tide was too low to push many waders in, so yesterday's unseasonal Golden Plover, present again today, alone stood in The Bight.  Random statistic of the day, this is only the tenth individual to have appeared here in May since 1937, but seven of those have been since 2005.

Wildlife news: a few Meadow Brown was among active butterflies in the meadows.  

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