Wednesday 28 June 2023

Wednesday 28th June

No news was received. 

Wildlife News: Tuesday night's mothing session recorded just over 1200 individuals of 156 species, although over 800 of those were Garden Grass-veneer Chrysoteuchia culmella. Scarce residents included Fen Wainscot, Sand DartLeast Carpet, Portland Ribbon Wave, Dusky Groundling Aroga velocella, Gorse Knot-horn Pempelia genistella and Sandhill Knot-horn Anerastia lotella.

Gorse Knot-horn - Kevin Rylands

Five new species for the Recording Area also came to the lights; July Belle, Muslin FootmanBrown Ash Ermine Zelleria hepariella, Hemlock Yellow Conch Aethes beatricella and the highlight, three Rosy-striped Knot-horn Oncocera semirubella

Muslin Footman - Kevin Rylands

Notable Warren species included Bordered BeautyGrass Emerald, Royal Mantle, Scarce Silver Lines and Broad-barred Knot-horn Acrobasis consociella. Migrants included single Small Mottled Willow, Dark Sword-grass and Rush Veneer, 10 Diamond Back and eight Silver Y

Swallow-tailed Moth - Kevin Rylands

Scarce Silver-lines - Kevin Rylands

A male Glow-worm, the first for the Recording Area, was surprise 'bycatch', as was a Black-clouded Longhorn Leiopus nebulosus

Glow-worm (male) - Kevin Rylands

Black-clouded Long-horn - Kevin Rylands

Other species included the water scavenger beetle Hydrobius fuscipesthe large caddisfly Phryganea grandis, and the bugs Orthocephalus saltatorPhytocoris varipes and Stenotus binotatus

Stenotus binotatus - Kevin Rylands

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