Sunday 27 August 2023

Sunday 27th August

No news was received from the high tide but an evening visit saw four Teal and the Dark-bellied Brent Goose on the mudflats with the regular waders dispersing with the tide, including Greenshank and Whimbrel

Elsewhere migrants included three Swift overhead with single Sedge and Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and Wheatear also on site.

Other Wildlife: The highlight was the discovery of two new native plants for the Recording Area, the 761st & 762nd species recorded on the Warren, Wild Mignonette and Fool's Parsley. Both were taking advantage of the same area of bare ground.

Wild Mignonette - Kevin Rylands

Moths included Portland Ribbon Wave, Lesser Swallow Prominent and Waste Grass-veneer Pediasia contaminella around security lights, Marbled Conch Eupoecilia angustana and Dingy Drill Dichrorampha sedatana on their foodplants, leafmines of Silver-barred Alder Pigmy Stigmella alnetella and Common Slender Gracillaria syringella and caterpillars of Box-tree Moth and Buff-tip.

Portland Ribbon Wave - Kevin Rylands

Dingy Drill - Kevin Rylands

Common Slender leafmine - Kevin Rylands

Box-tree Moth - Kevin Rylands

Buff-tip - Kevin Rylands

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