Tuesday 15 August 2023

Tuesday 15th August

A single Wheatear in the Bight and a Sedge Warbler on Warren Point were the best of the migrants, along with a few Willow Warbler around the Main Pond. A low tide visit meant no estuary counts were made, but 1200+ Herring Gull were gathered on the offshore sand bars.

Wheatear - Alan Keatley

Other Wildlife: The sunshine encouraged insects to nectar on the Water Mint and Common Fleabane in particular, hoverflies were represented by the three plumehorns, several Batman Myathropa florea and Compost Hoverfly Syritta pipiens. As summer progresses Common Dronefly Eristalis tenax numbers are starting to build and a male Stripe-faced Dronefly Eristalis nemorum was trying to mate with a Colletes bee! 

Stripe-faced Dronefly & Colletes sp - Alan Keatley

Trilobed Boxhead Wasp Crossocerus podagricus was new for the year and Mint Moth and Jersey Tiger joined the bees and hoverflies on Water Mint in Greenland Lake.

Jersey Tiger - Alan Keatley

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