Tuesday 6 February 2024

Tuesday 6th February

Another large movement of auks SW across the bay early morning with at least 1500 in an almost continuous movement, many in flocks 50+, in just 45 minutes from dawn. Also passing 170 Gannet but little else with no divers recorded. A single migrant Lesser Black-backed Gull was also watched coming in from the south.

At low tide 95 Dark-bellied Brent Geese were in the estuary, four Eider were loafing on an offshore sandbar and six Teal and five Shoveler were on the Main Pond. 

Other Wildlife: The first Common Frog spawn was in temporary pools around the Entrance Bushes. A varied selection of beetles were found on the windswept beach beneath the geotubes. The best of which was a new species for the recording area, the dung beetle Onthophagus medius. This species is rarely recorded in the south west. 

Onthophagus medius - Alan Keatley

Other beetles included Marram Weevil Philopedon plagiatum, a few Dune Scarab Aegialia arenaria, a Common Springtail Stalker Notiophilus biggutatus and a Helophorus brevipalpis.

Marram Weevil - Alan Keatley

Common Springtail Stalker - Alan Keatley

Away from the beetles there were a few flying insects on the Alexanders with a Tephritis neesii the best.

Tephritis neesii - Alan Keatley

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