Friday 25 February 2022

Friday 25th February

A bright sunny early spring day saw an early Red Kite head east offshore mid afternoon, with another first for the year, a Stock Dove, was also overhead along with five Raven

Elsewhere counts from the estuary included 162 Grey Plover, 134 Knot, 111 Brent Geese, 103 Bar-tailed Godwit, 25 Sanderling and nine Red-breasted Merganser, the Velvet Scoter and two Red-throated Diver offshore and a Kingfisher, a Chiffchaff, six Teal and two Shoveler at the Main Pond. 

Kestrel - Dave Jewell

Wildlife News: The sunshine was appreciated by some early Spring insects, several Honey Bee and Buff-tailed Bumblebee were joined nectaring on Gorse and emerging Alexanders flowers by a Common Dronefly Eristalis tenax, a few Marmalade Hoverfly and at least three Hairy-eyed Syrphus Syrphus torvus.

Syrphus torvus - Alan Keatley

The most anticipated insect was a brief Small Tortoiseshell in Greenland Lake, the welcome first butterfly of the year. 

Salticus scenicus, a Zebra Jumping Spider - Alan Keatley

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