Wednesday 22 June 2022

Wednesday 22nd June

No news from the high tide but non/failed breeding Curlew number continuing to build up on the Railway Saltmarsh, four Sandwich Tern were also in estuary, and on the reserve breeding activity continues with broods of juvenile Reed Warbler following adults for food, a pair of Stonechat collecting nesting material for a second brood and a couple of Chiffchaff and a Blackcap singing on their territories with a vocal Rock Pipit doing the same on Langstone Rock.

Wildlife News: A hot sunny day with the bees and wasps hyperactive, making any photos and identification difficult. Despite this the first Pantaloon Bee Dasypoda hirtipes, Hairy-saddled Colletes Colletes fodiens and Slender-bodied Digger Wasp Crabro cribrarius of the year were on the wing. 

Crabro cribrarius - Alan Keatley

A Golden-ringed Dragonfly was also the first of the year and the nationally scarce Golden Keyhole Weevil Sibinia arenariae was at Langstone Rock.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly - Alan Keatley

Sibinia arenariae - Alan Keatley

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