Wednesday 8 June 2022

Wednesday 8th June

The continuing midsummer lull saw little in addition to the regular breeding species, but two Common Scoter were offshore and counts from the estuary included 121 Oystercatcher, 11 Sandwich Tern, five Dunlin and single Ringed Plover and Black-headed Gull.

Wildlife News: A busy day with lots of interest and variety. Taking the top honour was the nationally rare Golden-haired Longhorn Leptura aurulenta. A deadwood species, it spends up to four years as a larvae, this is just the third record in the last ten years.

Golden-haired Longhorn (Hornet Beetle) - Alan Keatley

More expected was the nationally scarce Dune Spurge Bug Dicranocephalus agilis, also on Warren Point.

Dune Spurge Bug - Alan Keatley

Other notable sightings included a Giant Dark Horsefly Tabanus sudeticus, the heaviest fly in Europe; a smart male Sand Lizard on Warren Point, the first Small Skipper of the year, three Painted Lady, the migrant hoverfly White-clubbed Glasswing Scaeva pyrastri and a pod of at least 15 Common Dolphin

Sand Lizard - Alan Keatley

Intermediate Shield Wasp Crabro peltarius - Alan Keatley

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