Thursday 7 July 2022

Thursday 7th July

At least 15 Sandwich Tern and 10+ Mediterranean Gull were around the estuary, a family of Reed Warbler were in Dead Dolphin Wood and a Hobby was reported through early morning with a large passage of 'hundreds' of Swift

Wildlife News: The increasing temperatures saw a good number of insects on the wing, although the drought conditions have seen many plants already finish flowering. A significant emergence of Heather Beetle has also damaged much of the Heather reducing an important late nectar source.

Of the many pollinators noted a Small Shaggy Bee Panurgus calcaratus was new for the Recording Area, this is a scarce, largely coastal, species in the SW and the 68th bee species seen at the Warren.

Small Shaggy Bee - Alan Keatley

Other bees on the wing include Large Sharp-tailed Bee Coelioxys conoidea patrolling Silvery Leafcutter Megachile leachella nests, Coastal Leafcutter Megachile maritima, Green-eyed Flower Bee Anthophora bimaculata, Pantaloon Bee Dasypoda hirtipes, the summer generation of Short-fringed Mining Bee Andrena dorsata and a Large Shaggy Bee Panurgus banksianus.

Amongst the wasps, the smart White-striped Darwin Wasp Ichneumon sarcitorius, with other species also making a first appearance of the year including Mournful Wasp Pemphredon lugubris, Four-banded Digger Wasp Gorytes quadrifasciatus and the digger wasp Crossocerus quadrimaculatus.

White-striped Darwin Wasp - Alan Keatley

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