Thursday 20 June 2019

Thursday 20th June

Nothing to get the pulse running over the high tide with 103 Curlew, 76 Black-headed Gull, 12 Shelduck, seven Canada Goose, four Sanderling, two each of Grey Heron, Little Egret, Grey Plover and Sandwich Tern, and 'Herbert', the resident Slavonian Grebe.

Sanderlings - Alan Keatley

Three Stock Dove on Warren Point was unusual there, but nothing else of note with only two Shag and a Gannet illustrating just how poor it was offshore.  

Wildlife news: black and yellow stripes were in vogue, with two new striking species for the site Chrysotoxum festivum Hook-banded Wasp Hoverfly and Nephrotoma flavipalpis, a tiger cranefly. Though chic black is never out of fashion, flattering the delta-winged poise shown by the Cheilosia variabilis Figwort Cheilosia, a hoverfly.  

 Cheilosia variabilis Figwort Cheilosia - Alan Keatley

Chrysotoxum festivum Hook-banded Wasp Hoverfly - Alan Keatley

Nephrotoma flavipalpis, a tiger cranefly - Alan Keatley

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