Sunday 22 May 2022

Sunday 22nd May

Counts from the estuary and beach included 145 Oystercatcher, 28 Curlew, 24 Sanderling, 17 Whimbrel, 15 Shelduck, nine Ringed Plover, six Turnstone, five Dunlin and single Bar-tailed Godwit and Black-headed Gull.

Elsewhere three Great Northern Diver, six Sandwich Tern and four Common Scoter were offshore, late migrants included three Wheatear on Warren Point and a singing Willow Warbler in Dead Dolphin Wood with a mobile flock of 31 Long-tailed Tit showing a good breeding season locally. 

Wildlife News: The highlight was the first site record of the day flying moth Mother Shipton in the Back Meadow, with other species seen during the day including Cinnabar, Clouded Border, Common Carpet, Common Marble, Garden Grass-veneer, Straw Dot, Triple-striped Piercer and Yellow Shell.

The fine weather saw the first 10 butterfly species day of 2022; three Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Green-veined and Small White, Orange-tipSmall Copper, Common Blue, Brown Argus, Speckled Wood and three Meadow Brown.

Also on the wing the Warren's first Hairy Yellow-faced Bee Hylaeus hyalinatus, Blue-tailed and Azure
DamselflyGossamer Hoverfly Baccha elongataCommon Red-legged Robberfly Dioctria rufipes and Small Semaphore Fly Rivellia syngenesiae.

Small Semaphore Fly - Kevin Rylands

The first Badger for at least five years has been active in the Skipper Meadow, three Common Shrew were in the Education area and a Sand Lizard was along the Dune Ridge.

Red-headed Cardinal Beetle - Kevin Rylands

Yellow Rattle - Kevin Rylands

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